Becoming a Freelancer from Bangladesh

Freelancing has become a buzzword in Bangladesh from the last several years. And last year I have seen people are getting tremendously interested in the freelancing sector. Many people came to me and asked about the freelancing information and some of them showed interest to be a freelancer. I should be happy for myself and them for coming to me asking about it.

But the situation is not that easy- specially for Bangladesh perspective. People in here are always switching careers and jobs they do. They are earning less or more from their jobs but most of them aren’t happy about what they do now. Right then, they ask me or some other expert in this field to be a freelancer. That’s where my objection is. You can’t be a freelancer just to switch your last job. Freelancing is a different category of job life and there are many profession in the freelancing sector.

Becoming a Freelancer from Bangladesh 1Becoming a Freelancer

This is sure that you can’t be a freelancer quickly and there is no shortcut way to be a paid freelancer. Freelancing – the word itself has a vast meaning and you can’t just call yourself a freelancer until you have a profession attached with it.

You can be a photographer, trainer, web-designer or journalist and become freelancer. But that have to be your main source of income. This is the definition i like most. Other people might have other point of view. But to me every profession may have some freelance worker. So, DOING ONLY ONLINE JOB DOESN’T MAKE YOU A FREELANCER.

What Web School BD do in this Regard?

WSBD is an online freelancing care for the Bangladeshis. We started online and offline both way for the help of people interested in online freelancing work. There are plenty of work online to do than skilled people. So if you are an interested and hard working person we are here for you. We will help and support you if you come to our school. This is a discussion place for both expert and novice peoples. We learn here and we teach here.

So only come here if you are interested in online work as a freelancer.

You Can’t be a freelancer if….

There are plenty of reasons why you can’t be a freelancer. The very first one is that you do not have dedication about what you are willing to do. If you have come here after realizing that people are generating huge amount of money while you are or can’t do from your recent job. Freelancing is not a job switching place. It’s a place for the dedicated people.

Problem with the Bangladeshi people is that they do not have plenty of experience and entrance to the tools needed to do the job. Like you do not have a good computer or environment setup- then you can’t be a better freelancer. We freelancers use a lot of tools and gadgets both for online and offline for the ease of work. So the things is if you are not a tech savvy person or tech lover then online work is not for you.  YOU CAN’T BE A FREELANCER IN THAT CASE.

DEDICATION is a word that every freelancer needs. In some case yo might have to work harder than a normal job if you become a freelancer. There is always a competition between the freelance workers and the jobs you want to get. So if you are not skilled and dedicated there is no chance you can survive.

It is true that freelancers earn a lot more than a 9-5 job but you must know that they work more smarter and harder than any of you.

I don’t want to get too much high on this to you. Just reminding you that this is not a free job switching place- this is the place for the smarter people. If you think that you are smarter and have a tendency to improve your skill- the Web School Bd (WSBD) welcomes you. Have a happy stay. 🙂

IMG: From Flickr by  t_majic.1006

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